Friday, March 29, 2013

That sucks

Hahahahha that sux slow Internet talk to u later

Check this Website out

Guys im working on this website for your Clan thats cool and fixing it up too look cool so it will have cool stuff on this page...

Here's the link check it out plz...

Click here to go to the website


I have Arrived at there house, So I drove for 4 hr while my MOM SLEPT GOD DAMIT. LOL

I hate there internet the max speed it goes is about 100 kbs or 200 kbs. Its sooo slow but its fine Im enlisting thing's so our clan is going to level up....

Downloading War Z taking for ever :(

Have fun

Ok see u then have fun

Have fun

Have fun play with u later
have fun
have fun

Im done

Im done with my Meeting with Microsoft and now im heading to Gma And Gpa house wont be on xbox tell probably Sunday or Monday. Stay classy Nuke while im gone. Get does Fuckers and kill them and Get Ranked Up.

Nuke Oleg out.

Have a good Easter NUKE


Updated the Blog added Ranks..........

We will try to Update them ASAP and Im uploading a video of our game play..............


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey guys

What's up guys playin some CoD with Gomizou and nffish!!!

On xbox

Playing with Underandup and nffish on Cod going to Nuke them all on Black Ops 2.....

Welcome To Nuke

Welcome Nuke, This is the blog for our clan Nuke for all the COD games. The Owner Is Gomizzou45 Co-Owner is GodsCamando the Admins are SnowDread the Moderators are nffish. This Nuke Is copyrighted so the people that tried to create nuke are going to be sue and file sue. Thanks and Welcome to Nuke.

Stay Tune Protection